Opening Soon is an authorized name brand reseller. We do not sell knock offs or product that misrepresents it’s claim, origin and characteristics. is the short form for Urban Designers Paradise, this idea comes from the experience of actually being in an environment that depicts paradise where there is no lack of resources, in essence provide a heavenly experience. We seek to provide the same experience for clothing and fashion. Pay us a visit. Amazing savings and befits awaits you. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, shipping times are no longer guaranteed until further notice. Delays on shipments are common and should be anticipated as businesses adjust day to day operations to ensure safety for all that’s involve. Rest assure that as we serve you our valued customers out top priority is health and safety at all levels during these challenging times. adheres to all safety precautions, policies and practices issued by the Government and health officials accordingly. We work with our suppliers to ensure that they meet all guidelines are adapted and implemented as they evolve from day to day. Social distance and physical distance are measures that has become a way of life and so we leverage technology to say in touch with our customer so they are in the loop of our latest sales and promotions as they accur.

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